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Good for you drinks don't have to taste bad. Every bottle of Role Tea includes a unique blend tea, spices and juice to help you fight inflammation without compromising taste.

With a better for you beverage that tastes THIS good, there really is no reason to drink regular teas, juices or soda.

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Founders Mike Johnson and Koray Benson met as part of an Executive Leadership Development Program in 2012.


When Mike sought out an everyday beverage that could help fight inflammation and soreness, he came up empty. Most of the "better for you" options were either juice based (lots of sugar and expensive) or had acquired tastes. So with Koray's help, he sought to develop the best tasting tea and functional beverage on the market.


The Role Tea team selected turmeric as the key functional ingredient to pair with tea due to its rich wellness and anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger and cinnamon are also used in their initial tea line. With the help of some really smart food scientists, Role Tea's proprietary blends were ready for the market.

November 23rd 2016

Role Tea was officially launched when our first case was delivered to fast-casual DC hotspot Amsterdam Falafel on Thanksgiving Eve 2016!

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